Christopher M. Hearsey

Democratic Candidate
Maryland's 6th Congressional District

Agriculture is Vital to Maryland’s Success

The average American is five generations removed from farming, but that makes the agriculture and livestock industries no less vital to the fabric of American life. While less than 2% of Americans are farmers, the food produced by American farmers fuels the nation to invent, innovate, and create the world of the future.

While the average farm size in the United States is over 400 acres, the average farm size in Maryland is 166 acres, with the most common farms comprised of less than 50 acres. The small farmer is the backbone of Maryland agriculture, and there are threats to their way of life. From automation of farming practices to conglomeration to environmental taxes, the modern farmer must contend with more complex challenges today than ever before, in addition to maintaining food production in a changing climate.

We must support our farmers and livestock producers to ensure that they can continue to feed their families and the rest of Maryland and the United States. We must find more effective and efficient ways to use technology to the advantage of small and big farms alike to reduce the costs of farming and doing business while reducing the burdens and costs of operation. We must ensure that our farms in Maryland have access to the tools they need to succeed and continue to bring their crops to market. .