Christopher M. Hearsey

Democratic Candidate
Maryland's 6th Congressional District

Science and Technology is the Key to Maryland’s Future

Science is what makes everything we do as a society possible. From growing safer, more efficient, more nutritious crops to space exploration and everything in between, science has influenced every facet of modern life. It has also made this country competitive in the global marketplace, and this is a position that we must maintain.

If we do not support research and development, we will fall behind in the global marketplace and our children will not be prepared for the economic shocks sure to come our way in the future. From biotechnology to the Goddard Space Center, science is integral to Maryland’s well-being, and programs at Hood College, Mount Saint Mary’s, Frostburg State University, and across the University of Maryland system play a role in training the scientists of the future. I pledge to support science, from education to research and development to applied technologies, as part of my push to prepare Maryland for the 21st Century. .