Christopher M. Hearsey

Democratic Candidate
Maryland's 6th Congressional District

Growing the Maryland Economy

Maryland’s economy must be prepared for the jobs and challenges of the future. The 21st century economy is going to be fundamentally different from the economies we have seen before. Increasingly, Americans are required to have access to technology to participate in the economy. As in past generations, we must prepare for these technological changes so that Marylanders can prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, because they are quickly becoming the jobs of today. Technology innovations in manufacturing was the driver of the economy for decades. Now, coding is fast becoming the new blue-collar job, though we should not ignore the need for people who can fix technology when it breaks down. Without access to the internet, technology, and job training, we run the risk of leaving more and more Marylanders behind. These fixes are also not one size fits all. Different communities will have different needs requiring different skill sets, and so these solutions must be adapted.

Maryland must aspire to build its own Silicon Valley. The tech corridor off I-270 can and will continue to grow and attract more medical and space technology companies, especially with Maryland’s business-friendly tax structure. In addition, Maryland boasts access to seaports, airports, and a spaceport that can transport the goods and services of the future for the benefit of Marylanders today. All we need is political leadership that understands and will prepare Marylanders for these economic challenges. I will work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that Marylanders have the access to the technology, services, and training they need to take advantage of the opportunities that we know are coming.