Christopher M. Hearsey

Democratic Candidate
Maryland's 6th Congressional District

Healthcare is a right

When I was seventeen years old, I suffered devastating head and back injuries while playing hockey. Luckily, my mother’s employer offered health insurance and I was able to get the appropriate medical care, but the medical bills did pile up and it took me another decade to pay off the debt.

In fact, my trouble did not end with the initial injury. In my adult life it became difficult to obtain adequate health insurance because of my preexisting condition. I was a struggling college student working sixty hours a week across several part time jobs and my preexisting injury effectively priced me out of the health insurance marketplace. Had I gotten sick or injured again, it is quite possible that medical bills would have consumed my future. The Affordable Care Act ended this inequity and finally gave me and millions of Americans a chance to break free from the cycle of debt that our health insurance market tends to incentivize.

But the costs of healthcare are still an ongoing problem that needs fixing. We must find a way to reduce the cost of administering such an important but expensive program so that that the country can forever afford to provide its citizen the opportunity to live healthy, happy, and productive lives. We owe it to all Americans to stabilize the insurance market and find innovative solutions to drive down the cost of healthcare across the board.

In Congress, I will fight for solutions that help working families deal with the financial burden of healthcare costs. I know first-hand how unanticipated medical expenses can quickly spiral out of control leaving you vulnerable. I will commit myself to the development of a national healthcare system that is modern, responsive, dependable, and affordable to all. I will push against the continuous patchwork of ineffective, ideological proposals. I will not participate in the "my way or the highway" attitude in Congress. I will listen to Marylanders, and health system experts, not lobbyists. Above all, I will put Maryland first.